PWN Challenge

It's just like for hackers to test and expand their binary exploiting skills.

This website is open source, source code:


  • Try to find out the vulnerabilities exists in the challenges, exploit the remote services to get flags.
  • The flag is usually at ./flag for Linux, and .\flag.txt for Windows, but sometimes you have to get a shell to read them.
  • Most of challenges are running on Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/19.04 docker image.
  • You can share write-up or exploit code in your profile, only players who also solved the same challenge are able to see them.
  • Windows service program:


  • Do not DOS the infrastructures.
  • Do not share the FLAGs.
  • Do not share entire solution code in public.
  • If you found any unintended bugs, please report to us, thanks.


  • Admin-Email:
  • QQ group: 570295461
  • Main website:

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